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NEXT League meeting – June 17 at  7 pm at Glen Ed office 



No play if the temperature or wind chill is 24 degree or below.  This policy conforms with one used by local colleges for temperature in cold weather. The League will use Weather Bug to monitor the weather. 

 D coaching License Feb 28/Mar 1 & May 16/17.  To register go to Coaching Education tab.

SISL will be implementing many changes this spring in order to make managing and administrating your club or team easier and more efficient.

Those changes are:

·       Teams printing their own passes

·       Pre-season scheduling meetings

·       Revision of league rules and policies

·       Expanded office hours to be Tuesday through Friday

·       Inter-league play with Central Illinois Youth Soccer League (CIYSL)

·       Mid-west Regional League (MRL) Missouri and Illinois Division in the process of creating


Game Day Site phone - 618-954-1467  

 Fields for  2015 Spring session - For U14 and Under games

Month of March - Fields will be at O'Fallon Sports Park

Month of April - Fields will be at Glen Ed fields

Month of May - Fields will be at Belle Clair Soccer fields

Spring  2015 Applications are now available for SISL.    

U14 and under teams from fall will be automatically registered for spring season. Only new teams need to apply.   Deadline for U14 and under teams is January  15, 2015.  High School Boys deadline is December 31, 2014.  

Also - looking to play in a few league games - we have a shorten schedule with reduced prices. Call 618-558-1553 or email sislsadm@yahoo.com. 

U14 and under teams - click here

High School Boys Spring 2015 Application - Is now closed. 

                      2014 - 2015 Bob Yount Scholarship
SISL awards a $500 scholarship to one male and one female high school graduating senior player each year. Deadline for essay submission is June 15 so don't delay. See application for more information.
2014 - 2015 application Click HERE

2013 - 2014 Winners:
Boys' scholarship winner: Derek Benning
Girls' scholarship winner: Rachel Kaltwasser


Coaching Course are listed under Coaching Education or check with Illinois Youth Soccer under coaching education for additional courses through out the state

ODP- Fall registration - click here     

 To read more on ODP - check here             

Red Card -Player Pass Return Policy
  All coaches or managers seeking to pick up player passes for red cards need to contact the General Manager, Jane Raede at mailto:sislsadm@yahoo.com to make arrangements. Reminder - If you have a red card you are unable to attend the game(s) you are suspended from. All fines must be paid for card to be released.
Note from the SISL President
  Those that would like to attend a board meeting and present issues must notify the League General Manager at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. The league exectutive board will be notified of the request and decide whether or not to add the issue to the meeting agenda.
Players registered with the Southern Illinois Soccer League (SISL) are only permitted to participate in three SISL games per week. Tournament games and games in other leagues will not count for purposes of this policy. For purposes of this policy, SISL defines a week as being from Saturday morning through Friday night. Each club, by agreeing to participate in SISL, does hereby agree to monitor and enforce this policy with all players rostered to their club. Violations of this policy will be considered an offense by the club rostering a player in violation and will therefore result in disciplinary action being taken against the club. A club's first violation of this policy will result in a $250 fine and a second violation will result in a $500 fine. Violations under this policy are not counted on a per player basis, but are cumulative to the club for all players rostered to that club

1) Referee Fees: Referee fees are paid according the the age division, not necessarily by the age of the teams. For instance, U-12 teams playing in a U13 division will have to pay the U13 fees ($32 per team). U9 games will only be played with one center ref. Therefore you only have to pay your share of the center refs fees or $12.50 per team.
2) U-12 teams game ball: U-12 teams playing in a U13 bracket will normally be using a size 5 ball. However, if both teams are U12, and both teams agree, they may exercise the option to play with a Size 4 ball. However, the game length and ref fees remain at the U13 level.
3) Normally, it takes 6 teams to make a division, if there are less than 6 teams in an age group, the league will exercise the option to combine it with another age division.. In addition, if there are 12 or more teams in an age division, the league will normally divide that into two divisions based on previous records in an effort to make the games more competitive.